5 Reasons you need a Wedding Planner

Posted on March 8th, 2012 by meet

Planning a wedding is like running a circus. You have to juggle knives and make sure that the lion is fed.

As Indians we tend to take our shows very seriously. The aunties knit picking on the smallest of the details. Give the number of wedding I have attended I can confidently conclude that there are 2 types of couple. One who enjoys their wedding and the one who does not. The couple that enjoys their wedding most likely has a wedding planner, or a ring master if you would like.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

1. Experience

The dholwala could not make it on time, do you panic?
Ofcourse, you do!

Does your wedding planner panic? I am sure he does, only that he arranges an alternative band just in time to save the day. A wedding planner has lived through a number of disastorous situations and given the number of wrongs in the past certainly helps fix your wedding.

2. Time

That perfect arrangement of flowers, that very Wedding Invitation, Priyana Chopra's sarree for your sister and the list goes on. There are endless decisions to be made based on endless choices. A planner simply presents you the choices and from there you just choose.

3. Support

Mingling with friends and family, gluing the whole world together while making it seem like a cake walk. The planner is there before and after the decorators have left.

4. Save money

Almost all the Wedding Planners have their pick of Vendors, vendors that are reliable, tried and tested. As planners give them repeat business you get top notch services are discounted prices. Try approaching the vendor on your own and you will most likely get ridiculous quoatations.

5. Choices

The Wedding Planner much like a fashion designer is in with the trends. Being in the business they know people, who know people and can present you with a list of options that you have never heard of. In the end what you get is suggestions based on your style and taste, as always you pick and choose.