Parsi Weddings

Posted on March 27th, 2012 by meet

Parsi weddings are much alike other Indian weddings as the celebrations continue for a couple of days. A Parsi wedding can be divided into three parts: the pre-wedding, the wedding and the post wedding. Here are the details of a Parsi wedding.
Parsi Wedding Invitation

Wedding attire and decor

Parsi Wedding Decor

Most of the Parsi weddings in Mumbai take place in Baugs with a reception that is followed up on the same venue. In other places, Parsi weddings normally take place at the Parsi Agyari or Fire Temple complex which also have adjoining dharamshalas and lodging facilities too.

The wedding decor is normally white, as Parsi weddings are essentially white weddings in which the bride dons a white attire which stands for purity. However, white along with pale tones of yellow, pista green and baby pink are the one that you can find in a Parsi wedding decor. Parsi Wedding

During the wedding, the bride enters the wedding area with the ladies of the family who carry the wedding ses, the sagan ses and the mawa macchi. The ’ses’ is actually a massive silver platter that has various silver accessories like a silver coconut, a silver supari, a silver paan leaf, a cone and sprinklers. Parsi Sofreh

A Parsi wedding is also known for the typical attire that the Parsi women attending the wedding don, a Gara. You get to see the latest and the most stylish Garas at a Parsi wedding, which is worn by the ladies except the bride. The bride wears an outfit in white in French Chantilly lace along with delicate embroidery or light pink sequins. The Parsi men as well as the room are dressed in the traditional crisp white Dagli with the black topi.

Parsi wedding cuisine

Parsi Cuisine
A Parsi wedding is incomplete without the lavish Parsi food spread. Although the delectable meal, called the Laganu Bhonu, comprises of vegetarian dishes, however the main part consists of a variety of non-vegetarian fare. The food is served traditionally on banana leaves. The most popular dishes from Parsi cuisine are Laganu achar, sali boti, patra ni machchi, chicken pulao with masala dal and the sweet Laganu custard. However, modern Parsi weddings also serve other cuisines like Italian and Thai apart from the traditional Parsi food.