Weddings are Social, and we have new features

Posted on July 24th, 2012 by meet

We have been working on updates on the Wedding Website section of our Website and we are very pleased and proud to announce some really exciting features.

Problem with Wedding Websites, is that there is no social aspect. This was suggested by a good friend of mine, who mentioned that we should have some sort of a feature, where users could simply sign in with Facebook, and to top it all Guests should be invited through Facebook. This was one of those light bulb moments and after a few sessions of brain storming, we have come up with the following features.

Facebook Wall on your Website

As the excitements builds to you Wedding Day, users can comment on your site. There is no need to sign up as everyone has a Facebook account.

Invitations using Facebook or Email

We have all seen invitation cards, in mailboxes which are scanned. Previously we tried to tackle this problem by offering Digital Email Invitations. We are going way forward now by adding interactivity and not only can you send invitations using Email you can send Emails to Facebook Accounts.

Preview of what the Invitation Looks like

On Facebook

On Gmail