The Unreal Bride

Posted on July 13th, 2012 by meet

Cruising on the Internet I ended up at the blog of "The Unreal Bride".It is a team of 2 very fresh, enthusiastic photographer and stylist, Kismet and April.

Most of the photographers go for a fairytale Bollywood style wedding, but not this duo. The Unreal Bride weddings are very real, down to earth and seem like a lot of fun. April does not go over the top with make up, which I feel makes the bride look natural and I really love the post filters that Kismet uses. If I had to compare their style of weddings to a cocktail, I would say it is a well served Vodka Martini with a dash of masala.

Unconventional? have a look for yourself.

kismet + nitin from Starving Artist videos on Vimeo.

The above video will make your well spent wedding look like a Merry-Go-Round next to this Adrenaline Rushed Roller Coaster. This is fun, it is the sort of Wedding I would want to go to.

You can find The Unreal Bride at