What to Consider before Buying Your Wedding Gown

Posted on March 11th, 2013 by meet

Although some brides think that purchasing wedding gowns online is a risky decision, most people find the idea interesting and buy their dresses online. Perhaps they like it due to a wide variety of designs available or its convenience. But there are certain factors you need to consider before buying your wedding gown online.  

Determine your body shape
There are different body types; hence you need to establish the proportionality of your hips, waist and bust with each other. This would enable you to avoid waistlines, necklines and silhouettes that don't' match your shape.

Try on different dresses
Go to any department store or bridal salon and try on different dresses. Feel the kind of fabrics, colors and styles that match well with your body type, skin tone and height. You will even know if a lace dress doesn't flatter your shape.

Take your body measurements
Every online store has various sets of measurements. Therefore, measure your waist, hip and bust using a measuring tape to help you identify the right size. When taking the measurements, wear a bra that resembles the one you will wear on your wedding day and then stand naturally.

Know your fabrics
Some fabrics are a bit stretchy, which allow you to order a wedding gown based on your bust size. Others are stiffer, thereby making a funny sound while walking. Some materials flaunt every curve. Therefore, you need to know the kind of fabric you would need.

Go through the descriptions carefully
There are several cheap dresses in the market that may appear attractive in the online photos but you would get disappointed by their low quality once you receive them. For example, satin dresses have an attractive sheen and are lightweight but would stick to your body or wrinkle easily in case they are not cut or lined properly. Ensure you understand the fabric used, where the dress is made and lining of the dress.

Ask about the gown's length
With a measuring tape and the shoes you'll wear on the big day, you can easily know the length of the dress you need (measure from the waist right to the floor). Most wedding gowns come with extra length to hem them to your precise measurements. But you need to always double-check.

Double check the shipping and return policy
Some gowns are shipped immediately while others may take a couple of months to be shipped. Some online stores would allow one to return the gown if it doesn't fit well while others would not allow returns. Therefore, ensure you read their policy with regards to cancelling your order and returning the dress.

Ask more questions
A reputable online store would always have an accessible, responsive and helpful customer service. Don't be afraid to ask any question on style, fit, personal information security, options, general guidance among others. If you can't access such help, continue looking for the right store.

Find a good tailor
You will most likely need to make a few tweaks to your dress to ensure it fits you well. This is where a reputable and experienced tailor comes in handy.

Author Bio: This post has been written by Sarah James. She is evangelist for makemechic.com. It is e-commerce store for women's clothing online.