Why you should have a Wedding Website

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by meet

A lot of Wedding Website services have started online, even Google is providing one. Even though most people feel that Wedding Websites are a fashion statement, here are some reasons outlining why you should have one.

1. Share Wedding Information Easily

Indian Wedding Website
Having a single point of information for weddings is very helpful. Keeping everyone updated on events or announcements comes in really handy. Besides making a website is very simple. We do offer a wedding website service but I will not take this opportunity to shamelessly promote our service.

Having a page for a wedding helps, even if not a Wedding Website, I do forget my wedding invitation every now and then, but never my smart phone with internet pin-pointing me to your banquet hall!

2. Easy Wedding Invitations

Scanned Wedding Invitation
I regularly get emails with scanned wedding invitations. Personally it looks very unprofessional and when there a number of websites which give you the ability to send professional wedding invites for free, why would any do that? You can not only send Email Invitations but also manage your RSVP, all in one place. I suppose it is only a matter of time before you will be able to plan your complete wedding online.

3. Own a piece of your age

My mother still has her wedding invitation on her to this day. We live in an internet age, so why not? I would love to show my kids my wedding website, no matter how ancient it might seem at that time. Besides making a Wedding Website reduces my impact on earth.

4. It is Easy

It is so easy that even my grand dad can make one, mind you he has really picked up on iPad. Most of the wedding website services available provide you with intuitive, user friendly interface designed to get the job done in minutes.

5. Say more than an Invitation

I seriously doubt if Wedding Websites will rule out the use of wedding invitations, having a paper invitation does have a personal touch, but there is so much more that could be said on a Wedding Website. There are no restrictions on number of pages, so go ahead, tell the world how you met, share your engagement photos, keep updating as you go about your wedding.

6. Travel information and Accommodation

Everyone is booking tickets and accommodation online, if they are not than they should! I strongly suggest couples to post ticketing and hotel sites that they trust and know in their area for those out of towners. Besides, postal services haven’t been too trustworthy of late.

Create a memory. Call it your wedding timeline. Most guests do sign the guestbook and leave their wishes online for everyone to share with.

You can set one up in less than 15 minutes, we provide a number of Indian Wedding Website themes in case it helps.