Your Wedding, Your Bollywood Movie

Posted on March 11th, 2012 by meet

Your average Indian Wedding has emotional drama, functions with no deadlines, budget fit for a king and a whole lot of glitter and dance which sounds like a racy script for a Bollywood movie.

We take our weddings seriously. I suppose we always wanted to be in the movies but then movies are a family business, and I am not related to Amitabh Bachan.

Here are some key elments of a Shaadi err . . a Bollywood Movie.

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Music and Dance

The 4 year kid and the 80 year old daddi everyone is dancing. Everyone wants to be a part of the celebration. I have been delegating Professional Choreographers to weddings for years now.

Here is a rather cute performance which might remind you of Amrish Puri in Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayegney.


Drunk uncles and the naïve gangster boys embarrassing each other during the festivities. As unwanted as it may seem, I often see a fight come up every now and then.


You know the feeling when you are watching a Bollywood movie and there is so much going on that it gets impossible to keep a track of?

Out of all the noise and the drama, somehow all is vindicated in the end and they live, ‘Happily ever after’.


As frugal as Indian parents are you realise what they save for. We expect our movies to be epic, otherwise we are not going.

Drama and Emotions

This one is at its peak until the wedding is over. I never knew my family was so emotional about the food and the flowers until my so could cry so openly in public. Also, I never knew my sister would

The End Result

A sure hit, at least for the immediate friends and family. A mesmerizing performance, which everyone talks about for years to come.

Kismet Se Milna (A Chance Encounter)

Behind the Scenes / The Crew

The list goes on from your very own Director AKA Mr. Wedding Planner, the Cameramen, caterer and the endless list of people you never get to see on screen.

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